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LED lighting technology has been developed over decades. But due to the very high cost and chaos of market standards, many pioneer customer has been disappointed by the quality and efficacy of LED lamps.

Weledu group represents a LED producers who decided to protect the EU market from low quality products which are currently massively produced in china and delivered to EU. The initiative to create Weledu group reflects the fast changing global market of LED lights. All members of WELEDU group are aware of the requirements of EU market like local direct presence, EU warranty handling and standard payment terms. For these reasons all WELEDU group members have set up their own EU representations and are ready to serve all their clients from EU in EU.

WELEDU Group has partnered with EUSAHUB fullfilment center who optimise the order to pay process for all customers of WELEDU Members. To find out more about Eusahub please visit

● Optimised supply chain always provide you with very tempting price of purchase
● Easy-to-use ONLINE ordering portal for products selection & automated invoice provided
● Standard delivery across the Europe within 3-5 business days, logistic systems by EUSAHUB
● Common tracking status of delivery and each time satisfaction with claim request
● Solid potential of sales grow, the newest technology in between LED light sources

Contact Information

  •   +421 940 631 489
    D1 Expo Business Centre
    Horný dvor
    903 01 Senec
    WELEDU s.r.o.
    Humenské nám. 3168/7
    Bratislava 851 05
    Slovak Republic, Europe
    Corporate ID: 48 098 272
    Tax ID: 2120080996
    VAT ID: SK2120080996


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