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We LED U Europe!

Weledu Group represents TOP manufacturers of LED light technology who decided to look for the most advanced products and companies with great potential in doing business with EU. The initiative to create Weledu group reflects the fast changing global market of LED lights. WELEDU group members have set up their own EU representations and are ready to serve all their clients from the EU in the EU. WELEDU Group has partnered with EUSAHUB fullfilment center who optimise the order to pay process for all customers of WELEDU Members. WELEDU group offers the smart solution for your lighting project, from LED bulb to your bathroom to smart city light systems.

Common distribution channels consist of many elements. Manufacturers, importers, distributors, wholesalers, retailers and end customers. In WELEDU, we have eliminated several interlinks, which allows customers to purchase directly from the manufacturer. Our type of distribution chain brings the benefits of better prices, high quality and customized products to our B2B partners and, last but not least, to the end customer.

LED it shine Europe

  • Innovative technology, modern design, durable materials, LED with efficiency up to 160lm/W
  • Bring your lighting systems into the new smart era with our smart solution provided by Seak company.
  • Optimised supply chain always provide you with very tempting price of purchase
  • Easy-to-use ONLINE ordering portal for products selection & automated invoice provided
  • Standard delivery across the Europe within 3-5 business days, logistic systems by EUSAHUB
  • Common tracking status of delivery and each time satisfaction with claim request
  • Thanks to our unique distribution chain we can provide the best price.


High bays
Area lights
Street lights
Flood lights
Street lights


Track lights
Linear systems
Spot lights
Ceiling lights
Street lights


Crystal bulbs
Filament bulbs
CooLED bulbs
Ceiling lights
Spot lithts

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