PR: D1 Expo-Business Centre was established in Senec, it was supported by the Ambassador of PRC and Representative from US Embassy

Representatives of companies IPEC Group and D1 Solution have today introduced D1 Expo-Business Centre, which will serve as an administrative and logistic headquarters for non-European producers. The first companies having their business exposition in D1 Expo-Business Centre include producers of light technology, soya products, skates, aviation systems as well as exhibitions of regions of Baoding and Langfang. Today, for the first time within European region, unique cell phone with built-in projector was introduced to the guests by Chinese company Roamcat. The Centre is also happy to welcome Slovak companies such as Protetika, Víno Nitra and Chateau Nitra, which are already operating behind European boarders. The Centre itself is divided into 4 sections - Technologies, Food, Retail and Expo.

“We have prepared 80 administrative-exhibition units for our partners in D1 Expo-Business Centre,” says Ivan Čarnogurský, Director of IPEC Group, and adds: “To enliven the premises of Centre, IPEC and D1 Solution will move their offices there and create full working environment.”

“The D1 Solution company, which encompasses commercial activities of D1 Expo-Business Centre, provides non-European producers with full service by their entrance to European markets – from the preparation of administrative issues, via products presentation, to logistic and marketing and business solutions,” says Director of D1 Solution, Ján Janek. We have been cooperating like this with Chinese light technology market leaders such as Bestlumi and Emcop, or with the biggest skates’ producer, American Riedell Skates.

H.E. Ambassador of Peoples republic of China in Slovak republic Lin Lin and Director of Economic Section of the Embassy of United States Liam Sullivan took part in the solemn introduction of Centre. Chinese Ambassador in SR Lin Lin: “I believe, that D1 Expo-Business Centre will become one of the most important points of Chinese-European cooperation. I promise, that our Embassy will do its best to bring the Chinese-European relations to the highest level.”

The deputy of the Economic Board of the Slovak National Council, Maroš Kondrót expressed his support to the whole project and investors. Official support was also expressed in the past by the Ministry of Economy of Slovak Republic and the City of Senec.

IPEC Group is planning to initiate the establishment of similar centres oriented on European investors