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Crystal LED 360° technology


Our History begins in 1993. MCOB Optoelectronics CO., LTD is located in the core area of Waring Economic Development Zone in Putian of Fujian province with registered capital of

94 million RMB, it covers an area of 54,3 hectares and more than 40,000 square meters of factory building. We have acquired ISO9001 to achieve the top quality.

We are the proud owner of the MCOB Crystal technology patent. In 2015 MCOB Optoelectronics decided to enter the European market with its own brand. MCOB Opto EU is a subsidiary company of the MCOB Optoelectronics Ltd. manufacturing company and is located in Bratislava, Slovakia.

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LED panels, industry and street lights


SED (stock code:00032) was listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange on 28 October 1993. As the main subsidiary of China Electronics Corporation (“CEC”),

The business including LED lighting, Smart industry (including the smart city, Commercial smart industry, smart lighting, smart micro grid, urban intelligent transportation, etc.), the railway GSM-R communications industry, Mobile communication product, Import and export, and Real estate development.

The total assets and net assets increased from RMB300 million and RMB107 million from establishing year to RMB 22 billion and RMB 15 billion in 2014 separately. It realized accumulated net profit RMB973 million. Currently the market value is about RMB 3.55 billion. And as of 2015, gearing ratio is only 28.80%.

In 2016 we decided to enter the European market with our own brand.

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LED tubes and LED Tri-proof


We have specialized in lighting industry for over 12 yers. We have developer a ful range of CFL and LED products and now focus on LED manufacturing and development.

Innovation and quality control are the most important features that distinguishe us from thousands of other factories. We strongly believe innovation is not just creating new lighting styles but also developing plug & play lights for retrofitting and luminaires, and most importantly making the LED products economically affordable without compromising the outstanding features of LED technology.

We understand that mutual benefit and communication are the most important aspects for a successful cooperation.

In 2016 we decided to enter the European market with our own brand. Bestlumi EU is our subsidiary company located in Bratislava, Slovakia.

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Complete logistics solution in Europe


Eusahub focuses on transparent and highly efficient distribution of products from our partners across Eruopean union. Our team of experts serves our partners with excellent knowledge in sales, procurement and supply chain management. Eusahub is a cloud distribution center located in Bratislava, central Europe and is offers services mainly for corporations operating in North America and APAC which intend to enter attractive European market. 
Our warehouse located in the hearth of Europe (Bratislava - Slovakia) is ready to accept, store, pack and ship your goods from the day one it arrives.
We help our suppliers manager purchase orders and distribute more effectively by providing retailers fast, comfortable and reliable access to international merchandise products.

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Europas Business Zentrum CN-EU

D1 Expo business centre

D1 Expo business centre is located in Slovakia, the nucleus of investors, and home to business magnates and giants, such as Volkswagen, Peugeot/Citroën, Kia, Lenovo and Samsung. The Central European country offers the following advantages to investors looking for lucrative investment opportunities: Member of the European Union and Eurozone Central European hub & an exceptional geographic location for export Consistent business environment Low taxes High quality workforce at low costs

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Smart technology partner

Seak control systems

The technology uses 230V powerlines to transmit control signals. However, unlike traditional LON-based powerline communication, SEAK technology is based on harmonious half-sine wave voltage reduction at speed of 50Hz to generate coded words. That makes it an outstanding method at signal distribution on long distances and especially in questionable mains environment.

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Selection of LED lights

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