Summary of projects

Fjord Bohemia, s.r.o., Czech republic

A project of complete lighting revitalization in freezers and production lines. Old fluorescent tubes were replaced with Bestlumi tri-proof LED lights with high efficiency 140m/W. Fluorescent tubes don‘t provide a full performance at low temperatures. Using our LED lights were achieved 70% energy savings with increase of the level of illumination. 

Original annual consumption KWh / year 27 247 KWh                        
Annual KWh consumption after lighting change 13 291 KWh
Annual consumption of original lighting 6 123,04 €
Annual consumption of LED lighting 2 372,48 €
Potential annual savings 3 750,56 €

Summary of projects

BRS a.s., Slovakia

Lighting project for a new industry hall in Bratislava. As a light source was used 200W LED High bay light with lighting efficiency 150lm/W. Used Nichia LED chips and Meanwell driver offers to this installation very low lumen decrase (only 10% after 50000hrs) and long lifespan. Our 200W high bay can replace 400W MH light sources. Energy savings are 55%.

Original annual consumption KWh / year 88 476 KWh 
Annual KWh consumption after lighting change 39 420 KWh
Cost of original lighting consumption 10 617,12€ 
Cost of LED lighting consumption 4 730,40€
Potential annual savings 5886, 72€

Summary of projects

D1 Expo business centre, Slovakia

A design installation of our ultra light LED tubes with high efficiency 120lm/W. It‘s simple design brings high efficiency and very good price and comparing to other LED tubes they are not bending. 

Original annual consumption KWh / year 22 320 KWh 
Annual KWh consumption after lighting change 8 280 KWh
Annual cost of original lighting 2 592,00€ 
Annual cost consuption of LED lighting 993,60€
Potential annual savings 1 598,40 €

Summary of projects

Widemedia s.r.o., Slovakia

A company with the biggest billboards in Slovakia. Each billboard has advertising space of 576 m2 (32 × 18 m. There was a requirement for the installation only at the top of the billboard. Instead of 22 original 250W metal halogen flood lights we used 9 pcs of 160W LED High bays. The total energy savings are 76%

Original annual consumption KWh/year 26 499 KWh 
Annual KWh consumption after lighting change 6 360 KWh
Cost of original lighting consumtion 3 179,88 € 
Cost of LED lighting consumtion 763,17€
Potential annual savings 2 416,71€

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