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Light analysis of your object at our expense

An analysis of the current state of lighting conditions and space is the basis of every light project. We measure the current illumination and examine the lighting system, including the time of use of individual lighting fixtures, based on which it is possible to design a new energy saving LED lighting system. During the analysis, we identify the client's needs and possibilities so that we can propose the most appropriate solution. We provide this service to our clients for free.

Develop a comprehensive lighting solution

Based on the light analysis and the client's needs and possibilities, we suggest the most appropriate solution whether it is the most economical option within the current conditions, improvement of the illumination or a new complex solution. The proposed solution can be complemented by a Dialux calculation and a 3D visualization. Smart lighting control, which brings additional savings on a large scale, is becoming more and more common. Our smart solution is provided by Seak Control.

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Providing test products

We trust our products and therefore offer our clients the opportunity to test our light fittings and sources both in our showroom and directly at the client's place of future installation. That makes it possible for us to directly compare the lighting properties, measure values before and after the sample installation, and also measure the actual consumption using a sub-meter to demonstrate future savings after replacing the lighting.

Summary of projects

D1 solutions - conference room

Light-design services

Light is a very important element in every person's life. Therefore, it is necessary to properly adjust the lighting conditions throughout the day and night. A properly designed LED lighting should not only meet illumination conditions according to the wishes and needs of the client, but also become a part of the whole space to make its users feel comfortable. We illuminate offices, business premises, production halls, warehouses, garages, outdoor spaces, hotels, billboards, and many more places.

Electrical installation services

WELEDU delivers products not only to retailers, electricians and electrical wiring companies, but also to projects of different types and sizes. As part of our projects, we provide a complete installation from A to Z, starting with dismantling the old light sources. Then we continue with the installation of a new LED lighting system and cabling, perform a revision, and measure new illumination values. Finally, we arrange disposal of the old lighting fixtures.

Financing - leasing/EPC

By replacing the lighting, you can instantly save up to 90% of your electricity consumption. Replacement of LED lighting in larger buildings is, however, not cheap. That is why we offer clients the possibility to finance their investments in LED technology from the savings they achieve by reducing their electricity consumption. The amount of instalments can be adjusted according to the savings achieved without any additional costs for the client. Due to the warranty period for our products, the investment is repaid within the warranty period. Therefore, clients do not have to invest or risk almost anything with us.

Summary of projects

Billboard - Ford Focus

Fully automated B2B portal and fast delivery

WELEDU has teamed up with the EUSAHUB company to provide complete logistics and IT solutions. It facilitates all purchasing processes with the help of a user friendly B2B portal. We are able to dispatch the goods on the same day, no later than the next day. We use the DPD courier service for shipment where all shipments within the EU are delivered within one to five business days.

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